Catchment Management Modelling Platform

Case Study 6

Effects of input data quality and quantity on evaluation of land management policies and agri-environment interventions at catchment to national scales


Jack Cosby1; Andy Wade2; Amy Thomas1.

1Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Bangor; 2Reading University.

Stakeholder Representatives

Paul Whitehead, Oxford University.

Forum issues addressed by case study

How can I know if land management will be effective?

  • What is the effect of different land management interventions on water quality?
  • Will what I’m doing provide secondary or wider benefits in the catchment for carbon, biodiversity or other ecosystem functions?

Does it matter what data and models I use in planning /assessing catchment management? Can the answers they provide be transferred to other catchments?

  • Is the answer sensitive to the quality and quantity of input data?
  • Is the answer sensitive to different models?

How can I look at sensitivity / impacts on different catchment functions / services?

  • Is freshwater biology more or less sensitive than chemistry? 
What did we find?

This case study examines the sensitivity / uncertainty in outputs of models at various scales resulting from differences or uncertainties in models and input driving data. Three cases will be considered: A) uncertainties arising from the model structure being used; B) uncertainties arising from the data being used; and C) uncertainties arising from drivers used in future scenarios.


How did we do it? (Synopsis)

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How did we do it? (Full)

Results Available Soon.

What did this case study show? (Synopsis)

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What did this case study show? (Full)

Results Available Soon.

What were the benefits of using more than one model?

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What were the lessons learned about how to apply the models?

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What pre- and post-processing was done on the input and output data?

Results Available Soon.

W​hat datasets were used in the case study?

Results Available Soon.

Project view
Stakeholder view

Conwy Catchment, North Wales and England

  • Management outcome
  • Other services
  • Confidence levels
  • Phosphorus
  • Nitrate
  • Catchment / National
  • LUCI
  • INCA-Pathogens

Improved access to and integration among data and models to address key questions in catchment management for water quality and wider ecosystem services, providing a more holistic view to inform scientific understanding and policy development.


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