Catchment Management Modelling Platform


Summary of activities

Published papers and reports relayed to CaMMP issues and provided by consortium members, stakeholders or users will be listed here as they become available.  If you have a document you would like to share, please contact the CaMMP website administrator. 

Published peer-reviewed papers

An INCA model for pathogens in rivers and catchments: Model structure, sensitivity analysis and application to the River Thames catchment, UK. Whitehead et al.; Science of the total Environment, 2016.

A nitrogen model for European catchments: INCA, new model structure and equations. Wade et al.; Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2002.


Special reports and technical documents

Current barriers to, and opportunities for, integrated water quality modelling: a review and recommendations.  Andrew Wade, Matthew Fry, Richard Williams, Jack Cosby.



Improved access to and integration among data and models to address key questions in catchment management for water quality and wider ecosystem services, providing a more holistic view to inform scientific understanding and policy development.


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